TTR Technologies launches project for digital DVD-DVD piracy protection

TTR Technologies, Inc., a developer of digital anti-piracy technologies, today announced the commencement of a project to develop the first technology designed for copy protection of digital DVD to DVD piracy. TTR’s development effort will include in-house research based on the technology developed for TTR’s MusicGuard, which protects against the illegal replication of audio content on compact discs (CDs).

TTR has already successfully leveraged its copy protection technology originally developed for CD-ROM software piracy to develop protection for CDs. As part of a joint development and marketing venture, TTR’s audio content protection technology has been licensed to Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN – news), the leading marketer of video and CD-ROM software copyright protection

DVD-DVD piracy is expected to become an increasing concern for content producers and manufacturers. At the present time the only technology available to prevent illegal copies of DVD content are designed to prevent piracy from DVD to VHS format. Demand for content protection against DVD-DVD piracy will accelerate as DVD players and DVD production systems became increasingly available
and affordable. The rate of DVD player unit sales growth surpassed all other consumer electronics in 1999 increasing more 192%. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, unit sales in 1999 reached the four million mark with a 44% increase in DVD player unit revenues. Since DVD players entered the market in 1997 the price per unit has dropped by more than 50%, which is a clear driver of demand for players and video discs. Growth in DVD content is expected to continue to accelerate in 2000 with the total market forecast to reach $4 billion and 200 million DVD video discs shipped.

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