Synapse Films announces Fatal Frames for release on DVD

We have just received some information from Synapse Films about another cult classic that is currently in preparation for a release on DVD later this year. The film is the giallo Fatal Frames, one of Synapse’s most requested titles. “Fatal Frames” is considered by many to be a triumph for director Al Festa and star/producer Stefania Stella. Winner of the “Lucio Fulci Award” at the 1996 FantaFest in Rome, “Fatal Frames” has played many film festivals and is highly acclaimed for its unusual cinematography, sound design, and music.

The film revolves around Alex Ritt (Rick Gianasi), a prominent New York music video director, who comes to Italy to direct a new video from international pop sensation, Stefania Stella. He encounters a mysterious, machete-wielding killer in a dark cloak and hat who videotapes his victims for the police. As the gory murders continue, Ritt is unknowingly thrust into the killer’s mad games and soon becomes a target of the police. The “videokiller” is at large and Ritt must uncover the truth before it is too late!

The special edition DVD will feature a new 1.85:1 widescreen transfer of the movie’s
theatrical 125 minute version with the extra 10-15 minutes of scenes included in a supplement. It also contains the theatrical trailer, a “Making Of” featurette and music videos. An interesting and very unique commentary track will also be on the disc. Director Al Festa and star Stefania Stella recorded the commentary with their own original music score under their dialogue while processed through what sounds like an echo effect! Especially for fans of the movie, this will be a great thrill, creating a really unique viewing experience.

With menu screens designed by director Al Festa himself, the whole presentation of the disc will be very wild and in sync with the movie’s overall theme, and also include quite a bit of textual information.

“Fatal Frames” is tentatively scheduled for release on August 22, 2000 at a suggested retail price of $29.98.

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