Sonic Solutions will start to ICE its MPEG-2 encoding process

Sonic Solutions announced today at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) a technology partnership with ICE, a provider of accelerated digital video solutions for the desktop, to accelerate, or “ICE”, Sonic’s industry-leading MPEG-2 transcoding technology for DVD publishing. The Sonic-ICE product will make fast, high-quality MPEG-2 video transcoding a standard feature on ICE’s Basic BlueICE and Ultra BlueICE cards that power ICE’s entire line of hardware/software solutions.

“We are excited to offer Sonic’s high-end DVD transcoder as an integral part of the ICE family of solutions,” said Fady Lamaa, Director of Product Marketing at ICE. “By applying ICE’s hardware/software acceleration technology to Sonic’s high-quality software encoder, we dramatically speed the conversion of video content to MPEG-2 for DVD, enabling thousands of ICE users to publish their video content on DVD.”

ICE’d MPEG-2 transcoding will integrate seamlessly with Sonic DVD Fusion for Avid and Media 100 users, as well as Sonic DVDit!. The Sonic-ICE collaboration means significantly faster MPEG-2 transcoding and a competitive edge in meeting the surging demand for publishing video, presentations, training materials and other multimedia content on DVD. The ICE’d MPEG-2 encoder will be provided to ICE customers as an affordable upgrade, further leveraging their ICE investment for publishing their work to DVD titles. ICE’s BlueICE and Ultra BlueICE-based solutions speed computationally-intensive desktop digital video applications such as compositing, editing, special effect creation, video compression and distribution. By placing Sonic’s MPEG-2 encoder `On ICE,’ Sonic and ICE offload the computationally-intensive steps of MPEG-2 transcoding from the host CPU to ICE’s award-winning solution. Sonic DVDit! and Sonic DVD Fusion users who own Basic BlueICE or Ultra BlueICE hardware will be able to take advantage of the new improved transcoding speed using the ICE board without changing their production workflow.

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