Sonic Solutions introduces next generation of DVD authoring

Sonic Solutions announced at the recent National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) significant enhancements to its industry-leading DVD Creator DVD production system — including a third-generation SD-2000 MPEG-2 video encoder, exclusive web-linked DVD authoring functionality and title production automation.

Sonic DVD Creator 2.1 integrates Sonic eDVD authoring into the standard DVD Creator workstation. Exclusively incorporating PCFriendly-based embedded-web technology, the standard in Hollywood for hit DVD releases such as Warner Bros.“ ”The Matrix,’ Sonic DVD Creator offers the power to add web integration to any DVD title. The advantage of the eDVD approach is that the web link information is stored in a webpage rather than on the DVD disc, making it possible to update URLs at any time.

Sonic’s new SD-2000 video encoder takes advantage of the latest developments in MPEG compression and video RISC processing technology. Combining the latest MPEG chip technology with an array of programmable logic and video processing hardware, the SD-2000 offers a level of quality and functionality not previously available in the DVD production market. Features of the SD-2000 includes direct encoding of 24 fps video from telecine, tape or hard disk in 20 percent faster than real-time, integrated video pre-processing that eliminates high-frequency noise prior to MPEG encoding, GOP sequence headers that may be placed at any video frame during the real-time encoding process, guaranteeing that DVD chapter marks are always exactly where you want them, Sonic’s patented technology for maximum quality video encoding, regardless of the quality of the video source material, AutoCadence IVT for removing 3/2 cadence from film-sources content, AutoCadence provides accurate field removal with up to a 20% improvement in video quality.

A single PCI card, the DVD Creator SD-2000 encoder includes SDI digital video I/O, multi-channel digital audio I/O and integrated RS-422 machine control, and linear timecode reading. The SD-2000 also includes real-time MPEG-2 VBR and CBR encoding and decoding, Dolby Digital encoding and decoding, and support for complete DVD title de-multiplexing and proofing. Sonic DVD Creator 2.1 will now be available in authoring configurations starting under $15,000.

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