Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball

Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball

Submitted by Ben Gunn

BMG Music has released “Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball” with an interesting feature on the disc that is not completely obvious.

This feature requires a DVD-ROM drive however, and is either a result of a bug on the disc, or a last-minute change in the release. If you insert the DVD in your drive and use a program like “Windows Explorer” to check out the content of the disc, you will find a folder that is called “PC.” The “AUTORUN.INF file that would usually auto-start the ROM-programming on the disc has not been installed correctly, practically hiding the contents in this folders from immediate view.

Inside this folder you will find a programm called RUNME.EXE. If you start this program, you will find two content sections presented to you. One of them is a section with ”Related Web Sites“ that provides links to web sites pertaining to exclusive content on Sarah, her fan club and record label. The second section is called ”Multimedia Catalogue’, which presents itself as a merchandise showcase with selected background music from Sarah’s songs to add to the browsing experience.

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