iPIX and BroadcastDVD create DVDs with interactive iPIX Movies

Internet Pictures Corporation today announced that BroadcastDVD will incorporate iPIX(TM) Movies into its FILM-FEST publication to give viewers an interactive virtual tour of the world’s best film festivals. An iPIX(TM) Movie is taken with a film or digital video camera which uses fisheye lenses to capture all 360-degrees of a scene. The final result is a streaming video in which viewers can use their mouse to choose their own perspective. For example, BroadcastDVD will be able to place an iPIX-equipped movie camera in the middle of the action and viewers will choose which star to watch independent of any other viewer, looking from floor to sky. In addition to video, computer generated graphics can be incorporated to enhance the visual impact or to add additional information.

iPIX develops 360-degree imaging technology and also oversees certification and training programs to ensure that iPIX Movies customers receive the highest quality content. Leading movie producers including The Collective, Rise International, Platypus Productions and post-production companies, including Tape House, Laser Pacific, POP.com and Sunset Post, have partnered with iPIX to become the first certified creators of iPIX(TM) Movies.

BroadcastDVD’s FILM-FEST is published quarterly, features two hours of content per issue, including iPIX(TM) Movies, and is distributed on DVD. Subscribers receive four issues for $19.95. Additional iPIX(TM) Movies will be available from certified producers and post-production houses within the year.

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