Here is more exclusive information regarding Anchor Bay’s upcoming DVD titles

As many of you have undoubtedly read here before, Anchor Bay Entertainment has plans to release Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator on DVD later next year. We have more information for you, and first off, it will be a special edition of this incredible cult film, supposedly with more extras than the Elite Entertainment version contained. Although no plans have been made exactly what extras should go on the disc, Anchor Bay is working to get the very good commentary track of the Elite Entertainment release for the film. Just like pretty much all current Anchor Bay releases, “Re-Animator” will come in a brand new 16×9 enhanced transfer.

Finally a few new titles are on the horizon to be released from Anchor Bay and here’s a short outlook. The whole list is just too long for a complete reprint but we’ll keep you posted. First off there is Lust In The Dust a western comedy that will be reframed to Cinemascope for its DVD release by director Paul Bartel. The interesting thing about this is that the film was never shot in that format and Bartel will go to quite some lengths for this new presentation of his movie!

In the future Anchor Bay also has plans to release few more double features on DVD, including a double-feature of the crime comedies Ladykillers and The Lavender Hill Mob. Also on their list of future releases is Lionel Jeffries’ drama The Railway Children.

Fans of “Gods And Monsters” director Bill Condon will be pleased to hear that the director’s movie Sister, Sister will also be released some time in the future through Anchor Bay, as well as Abel Ferrara’s Fear City. Especially in the case of Ferrara’s thriller, Anchor Bay is trying to restore all the footage that was originally cut from the film – which was a lot – to restore it to Ferrara’s original vision. Last but not least, Anchor Bay will release Abel Ferrara’s Crime Story on DVD next year. The release will feature the original pilot of the TV series as well as selected episodes.

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