George Lucas speaks up about Star Wars on DVD

Although we usually do not publish rumors of any sort, this one appears to be worth repeating. George Lucas was reportedly interviewed on the KROQ radio station here in Los Angeles on Friday morning, confirming that he had completed the script for Star Wars: Episode II and is preparing for the principal photography of the movie that will start in about 8 weeks in Australia.

As the discussion touched upon DVD, Lucas obviously reported that work on a DVD Version of Star Wars: Episode I is currently under way. Although no release date has been determined for the disc, the director confided during the interview that ILM is currently doing some additional work for the DVD before work on Episode II finally gets into gear. According to some additional information over at The Digital Bits, Lucas actually plans to have some unfinished/deleted scenes from the film prepared for release on the DVD. Good news for DVD fans, indeed!

If anyone of you actually taped the interview by any chance, it would be great if you could make a sample of the interview available to us.

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