Fight Club to feature THX calibration tools

Just before the weekend I had the chance to check out a very interesting feature that will be part of most upcoming THX certified DVD releases. Many of you will be familiar with releases like the “Joe Kane’s DVD Essentials” or “DVD Spectacular”, discs that are designed for serious home theater owners to calibrate video and audio equipment. These discs help setting up the right balance in sound levels between your speakers and also helps to adjust seemingly trivial things as contrast and brightness – among other, less obvious controls – on your TV set correctly to achieve the best possible image quality.

THX is now taking this approach one step further, making calibration easier and faster, and more importantly, cheaper. While professionals and serious home theater owners still won’t replace their “DVD Essentials”, THX is supplying simple calibration tools on upcoming DVD releases that carry the THX certification.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s release of the David Fincher film Fight Club will be the first disc to contain this little toolbox of test patterns and test tones. Listed in the menu of the disc, you will find the THX logo. It is selectable and takes you to a separate section where you will find color bars, and other images to correctly adjust the main controls of your TV set. It also contains a white noise section to easily adjust and check your speaker set-up for best possible results.

The section contains clear and simple explanations how to use these test patterns so that soon, everyone will be able to adjust the movies at home closer to the way they should actually look like. Don’t you agree that something like this has been long overdue?

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