Elite Entertainment brings real drive-in movie feeling to your living room

Elite Entertainment is on a roll these days, preparing an interesting line of DVD releases for the months to come. In order to capture the magic of the drive-in movies of the 50s and 60s, Elite Entertainment is preparing a series of horror films on 15 DVDs that will be released in monthly stages. Complete with double-features, cartoons, a countdown clock, trailers and a warning for moviegoers about public displays of affection, these “Drive-In” DVDs will undoubtedly great additions to the studio’s catalog.

The first on of the titles will be released in June, featuring “The Screaming Skulls” and “The Giant Leeches.” Elite Entertainment also tries to restore the trademark sound from drive-in-car speakers, complete with static-filled announcements that the snackbar will be closing in five minutes.

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