Diamond Entertainment enters the DVD market with Don Quixote

Diamond Entertainment Corp., just announced its expansion into the DVD market and its successful licensing negotiation for Don Quixote. After 60 days of relocating to its new facility located in Walnut, e-DMEC has experienced tremendous improvement in both areas of efficiency enhancement and cost reduction. The current explosion of Consumer Retail Market of DVD marks the re-generation of a new business for e-DMEC.

With identical distribution and marketing channels as its video products, e-DMEC is able to immediately introduce its new DVD line to its retailers and distributors who have been conducting business with e-DMEC over the past 10 years. While DVD is still in the infant stage of its product life cycle, easier market penetration and higher profit margins can still be enjoyed by e-DMEC. James Lu, President and CEO of e-DMEC quoted: “We are excited about this new wave of huge acceptance by the consumer in DVD products. We are planning to introduce up to 100 titles of DVD this year and ride on this wave to take advantage of this rare opportunity to capture additional market share and potential profit. We are confident that we will be able to reach our goals this year.”

e-DMEC announced that it has successfully completed the negotiation for licensing, in either English or Spanish language, of a very high quality, full-length animation film, titled “Don Quixote.” This film will be released in video during the second quarter of Year 2000, in Spanish first and followed by the English version. The DVD version will be released by the end of Year 2000.

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