Daikin’s ReelDVD is now shipping

Daikin U.S. Comtec Laboratoriesannounces the release of ReelDVD, the first truly professional-quality DVD authoring software available to the prosumer and consumer markets. ReelDVD is designed specifically for video and corporate applications to enable the integration of DVD and multimedia. ReelDVD combines the strength of professional-level software with a user-friendly interface and simple workflow, making the process of creating DVDs quick, easy and fun.

“Our clients have been asking about a robust featured DVD authoring tool for Blossom’s DaViD Series,” said Alex Amor, president, Blossom Technologies. “Now we have the appropriate solution for our very discerning customers, ReelDVD. Blossom Technologies is excited to offer ReelDVD with the DaViD Series. This will allow our customers to create full featured DVDs with ease and simplicity.”

ReelDVD offers the same unique creativity level and reliability as Scenarist, but focuses on the most basic features and capabilities that edit houses, production companies, or in-house video departments require most. Key features of ReelDVD include easy to use drag and drop authoring, interactive storyboard editor, ceates subtitles on the fly, support for multiple languages up to 3 audio and 3 subtitle tracks, unlimited menus and navigation options, built-in Dolby Digital AC3 encoder, DVD player software for emulation and testing and output to CD-R, DVD-R or hard disk.

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