Xenon and WAMO enter into agreement over new DVD bonding process

An agreement between Xenon Corp. and the WEA Division of Time Warner to utilize Xenon’s low temperature DVD bonding process in the manufacture of DVDs was announced by Lou Panico, President of Xenon. WEA and its subsidiary WAMO is the world’s largest producer of CDs and DVDs, and the tie-up is expected to bring dramatic changes in the DVD industry. The production of CDs and DVDs has always been a complicated and difficult process with the bonding process becoming extremely critical.

The Xenon pulsed UV system, however, utilizes a revolutionary spiral-shaped lamp that conforms to the shape of the DVD and produces a toxin-free, warp-free cure with virtually no heat build up. After careful evaluation of the Xenon process at their Pennsylvania plant, WEA executives decided the Xenon product resulted in a cooler, more efficient bonding technology that could result in setting a new standard for the DVD industry. WEA has already instituted steps to convert production installations in Pennsylvania to the Xenon low temperature process. In addition, WEA has specified Xenon’s CoolCureXL DVD system for 15 new installations for their Pennsylvania plant and WEA affiliates worldwide.

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