Spruce Technologies releases new version of DVDVirtuoso authoring system

Spruce Technologies released Version 2.5 of its popular professional DVD authoring software, DVDVirtuoso, today. This new version adds key features that streamline the authoring process and enable users to create highly interactive titles without adding any additional hardware to their PC. DVDVirtuoso Version 2.5 includes Spruce’s powerful, productivity-enhancing RealView(TM) preview technology — the same technology found in all Spruce professional authoring systems, including DVDConductor(TM) and the flagship DVDMaestro(TM). RealView enables users to proof their entire DVD project at any time during the authoring process without compiling. DVDVirtuoso takes advantage of the industry’s fastest performing software engine to provide RealView without any additional hardware or modification to the user’s PC.

This completely software-based approach makes DVDVirtuoso the ideal solution for integration with systems tasked with other production processes. In fact, the familiar nonlinear editing-style timeline-based interface has already made it a popular choice for users of market-leading NLE systems such as those from Avid, Canopus, Fast Electronics, Matrox and Media 100.

Version 2.5 includes Spruce’s exclusive DVDonCD(TM) and Convergence(TM), proprietary technologies that enable low-cost, mass distribution of web-linked DVD content. Spruce Convergence is the world’s only marketplace-proven solution for delivering titles that merge the rich media experience of DVD with the interactivity of the Internet. When combined with Spruce’s DVDonCD(TM) technology, Spruce customers can distribute DVD-quality material for use with on any of the over 200,000,000 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM-equipped PCs installed today.

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