Sony and Warner team up to give DVD a boost in Europe

In some news from overseas, Sony Europe GmbH and Warner Home Video report that the two companies are joining forces on a joint DVD-Video marketing campaign designed to drive both hardware and software sales in Europe. The campaign, which will run through the year 2000, has been specifically designed to generate greater consumer awareness and interest in the DVD format. It follows a breakthrough year in 1999 for DVD-Video in Europe, where player sales are exceeding 1 million units. Expectations are that DVD hardware sales will reach 4 million units and DVD software sales of at least 60 million units will be achieved in Europe this year.

The joint marketing campaign is the largest ever in Europe involving both a hardware and a software company. Beginning in April, there will be new TV commercials and print advertising to support the program. The promotion will also be supported by retail activities that will include a special Sony DVD/Home Cinema 4D demonstration display as well as point-of-sales materials.

The Sony 4D concept demonstrates to consumers how to add a new dimension to their home cinema experience by connecting Sony’s DVD player, Wega Wide Screen televisions, Smart Engine Stereo video recorders, Digital Cinema Sound receivers and surround speakers.

Highlighted in the campaign will be the bundling offer in which three of the latest DVD titles from Warner Home Video will be offered to the purchasers of any Sony DVD player. In addition, consumers who purchase selected Sony Home Cinema products at the same time will receive two bonus DVD discs.

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