Sandia installs Spruce’s DVDMaestro for its authoring needs

Sandia National Laboratories’ Video Services Department has installed DVDMaestro™ and an encoding station from Spruce Technologies to meet the lab’s rapidly growing need for in-house DVD authoring services. Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory, operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed-Martin Company, for the Department of Energy. The new Spruce system will be used for a range of applications including internal corporate training, web-assisted training, kiosks, corporate presentations, and archiving.

“We did a thorough evaluation of Spruce before proceeding and we were very impressed,” says Robert McInteer, a video and multimedia producer at Sandia. “Service is of prime importance when you’re dealing with a developing technology, and our references gave Spruce consistently high marks. The turnkey system offered by Spruce was highly desirable because it saved us time in set up and operation. The product, hardware, and software literally became operational with the turn of the switch.”

Sandia Labs selected a turnkey package of Spruce’s flagship DVD authoring system, DVDMaestro. The included MPX-3000 encoder provides extremely precise controls over the encoding process while delivering pristine picture quality as well as superior two-channel Dolby® Digital audio encoding.

“We have a very busy operation and we needed to know up front what the system was capable of doing for us. As an internal service bureau within Sandia that has to recover its own costs, we are much like any other company,” says Jim Lloyd, another Sandia video producer. “It is very important to us that the system is easy to own with maximum productivity and up time. Spruce offered that.”

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