Samsung Electronics ties up with Warner Brothers to expand DVD market

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled plans to go into a business tie-up with US film distributor Warner Brothers to market DVD around the world. Under the agreement which is expected to be signed next week, Samsung will provide DVDs and DVD-Video players while the Hollywood studio will supply the motion pictures to be contained on the DVDs.

“Because of the lack of content, the DVD market here is still in its infancy. This deal will provide us with the content needed to create demand for DVDs and DVD players in South Korea and around the world,” a Samsung Electronics spokesman said. However, these comments are most likely targeted at the Asian rim rather than “the entire world” de facto, as DVD releases and sales have by far exceeding expectations. DVD Player sales for example grew a whooping 266% last month as compared to the same month of last year. Over 400,000 players have been sold in the month of February alone here in the US.

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