Procom delivers Macintosh and enhanced DVD support for DataFORCE NAS

Procom Technology Inc. today announced the latest software upgrade for its DataFORCE CD/DVD-ROM network attached storage (NAS) servers. The servers have enhanced DVD-ROM capability as well as protocol support for Macintosh(a) and Windows(a) 95 and 98/NT networks, opening up the benefits of Procom’s CD-ROM networking technology to a broad new set of users.

The new Version 2.4 of Procom’s Managed Enterprise Software Architecture (MESA(TM)) is being deployed across the complete DataFORCE product line, encompassing workgroup, mid-range and enterprise-class models, allowing MIS administrators to manage all DataFORCE NAS servers from a single, consistent interface. With this new software release, Procom has added Macintosh/HFS support to the DataFORCE NAS appliances, allowing data on HFS-formatted CDs and DVDs to be centrally distributed to all Macintosh
users on the network. The importance of HFS support has been highlighted with Apple’s resurgence, and the widespread support for Apple technology in the education market.

In addition to Macintosh format support, Procom has also added support for the Microsoft Windows NetBEUI protocol, allowing DataFORCE servers to be deployed on Windows 95/98 peer-to-peer networks, which are prevalent in Remote Office/Business Office (RO/BO) workgroups environments. NetBEUI connectivity allows these users to economically add an entry-level DataFORCE NAS server
to their environments for easy workgroup access to CD/DVD data. DataFORCE delivers CD/DVD-ROM data at hard disk speeds by incorporating Procom’s exclusive CD-ROM acceleration technology, providing sub-10 msec. average seek times and hard disk transfer rates.

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