Pinnacle Systems ships DVD1000 software package with new features

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. today announced that its DVD1000 product will be shipping with new advanced features bringing even more power to what has already become an industry-leading video and DVD creation as well as web streaming solution. New features include direct digital control of popular DV camcorders and the new Minerva Impression 2.0 DVD authoring software that provides a powerful collection of authoring features, such as motion menus and multi-angle, previously only available in systems costing several times more.

DV camcorders have become very popular tools for shooting video since they record in a digital format and provide a higher level of quality than analog camcorders. DVD1000 can now control popular DV camcorders directly through the IEEE-1394 (Firewire) connection to deliver automated capture of video for editing and delivery playback to the DV camcorder. This new high-powered feature provides
DVD1000 video editors with significant time savings and workflow accuracy.

“With Impression 2.0 our DVD1000 customers can now create DVDs that take advantage of the multi-angle feature and motion menus all with simple drag and drop commands,” said Ajay Chopra, VP of the desktop group at Pinnacle Systems, Inc. “These types of tools are essential for creating more compelling and persuasive DVDs and until now have been very expensive and complicated to use,” Multi-angle DVDs contain more than one view or angles of the same scene. Viewers can interactively choose which angle to watch or dynamically switch between multiple views. Multi-angle DVDs have grown in popularity in education and sports production markets and have added new opportunities for corporate video delivery.

Motion Menus for DVDs allow for moving video to play behind interactive navigation buttons. Minerva Impression on DVD1000 can create these menus as easily as dragging and dropping a video clip onto an existing menu — power that has never before been available even on DVD solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The DVD1000 is a complete digital media creation, production delivery and web streaming solution for videotape, CD-ROM, DVD, and Internet at an affordable price. State-of-the-art MPEG-2 technology provides real time broadcast quality video editing at data rates half that of MJPEG. Pinnacle Systems“ propriety SmartGOP(TM) technology makes editing on the DVD 1000 frame accurate. DVD1000 is
bundled with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Pinnacle Systems” TitleDeko titling software, Sonic Foundry’s ACID Music software, Minerva Impression CD-Pro 2.0, Minerva Impression 2.0 for DVD, and RealNetwork’s RealProducer.

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