Paramount is officially announcing first DVD titles in Europe and Japan

Paramount Home Entertainment International just announced the introduction of its first DVD titles in Europe and Japan. The first releases will take place in April and initial titles during the first three months include The Truman Show, The Rugrats Movie, Top Gun, Star Trek Insurrection, Days of Thunder and 48 Hours.

With this hot announcement, Paramount Home Entertainment International is now aiming to enhance its overall business with the introduction of DVD. It is studio’s intention that after the initial start phase, DVD titles will be released in line with the VHS dates. These new releases will be supplemented by catalogue titles from the extensive Paramount Pictures library.

“We are enthusiastic about our launch of DVD in Europe and Japan,” said Paul Miller, President PHEI. “The Paramount library is probably the best in the world and as such is eminently suited to attract the consumer’s interest in DVD. The DVD format has seen strong growth in the U.S. already and we are now seeing a similar trend internationally.”

“We are committed to synchronizing our DVD and VHS businesses under one Paramount marketing, sales and distribution umbrella,” said Eric Doctorow, President, Paramount Home Entertainment. “Strategically, we believe it is very important to leverage the Paramount name internationally since historically Paramount Pictures has long been recognized as one of the major Hollywood studios and our name means quality entertainment to the consumer. We are excited about entering Europe and Japan. As is appropriate, we will enter other territories as well.”

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