InterVideo announces software DVD player for Linux

InterVideo, Inc. today announced that it would soon release a software DVD player/decoder for the Linux operating system, called LinDVD, enabling users to experience DVD video and audio quality rivaling that of high-end consumer electronic players.
The dearth of DVD solutions for Linux users has been recently well publicized, including a widely reported incident of hackers creating an unauthorized DVD decoder for Linux, resulting in lawsuits filed by the DVD industry. InterVideo has a long-standing Content Scrambling System (CSS) license, enabling it to produce and market DVD player/decoder software without violating copyright or other laws.

LinDVD will allow users to playback DVD movies, interactive DVD titles, MPEG video content and Video CDs on PCs that are equipped with a DVD drive without the need for an expensive hardware decoder card. The decoder/player includes integrated MPEG1 and MPEG2 file playback, a powerful VCD 2.0 player, and SVCD playback. A full multi-channel Dolby Digital(TM) audio decoder will be
included. It is expected to be available late in the second quarter of 2000.

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