Hot details about upcoming Anchor Bay releases including Evil Dead 2

We just got a number of interesting new tidbits regarding a series of upcoming releases from Anchor Bay Entertainment in that we’d like to share with you. First on the list are Hammer films that were scheduled for release in April. While three of them will supposedly still make their release date with only a slight delay, X The Unknown has been sent back into the production pipeline. The disc was completely finished – as we can attest, since we have it here – but in the last minute Anchor Bay and Warner Brothers found a better print of the film and went back to the lab to have a new telecine transfer done that should blow everyone’s mind.

Then there is Repoman on the list. If everything goes according to plan, the disc will feature an audio commentary with actor Harry Dean Stanton, producer Michael Nesmith, and director Alex Cox, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Preparations are also under way for a release of the Ilsa movies. The titles will feature an audio commentary by producer William Brady, director Don Edmonds, actress Dyanne Thorne, and director photography Dean Cundey. That sounds like an interesting mix.

Work has also begun on Alex Cox’s 1987 western comedy Straight To Hell. The DVD will contain the featurette “Back To Hell” that features interviews with Dennis Hopper and Joe Strummer. The release will also have a commentary track by director Alex Cox.

George Romero’s Nightrider and Martin will contain a commentary track by George Romero himself, make-up artist Tom Savini and actor John Amplas.

The “Behind The Scenes” featurette that will be part of the Evil Dead 2 special edition will reportedly feel slightly different than the one found on “Army Of Darkness” from what we hear. It will be much looser and more fun, highlighting the fact that the filmmakers were rather young at the time they did the movie and simply wanted to have fun themselves. I can’t wait to see that… Anchor Bay’s special edition will also contain the commentary track of the previous release by Elite Entertainment.

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