Daikin Scenarist now fully supports Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drive

Since the induction of graphical user interfaces, drag-and-drop operability has been a blessing for users of complex applications. Now Daikin US Comtec Laboratories announced that its Scenarist NT 2.0 DVD authoring software is fully compatible with Panasonic’s 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive. Not only that however, the drag-and-drop functionality of the software simplifies many of the most time-consuming aspects of DVD authoring, while also cutting down on the associated storage costs by using the same DVD-RAM drive for the pre-mastering stage, video storage, backup, database storage and for reading CDs at 20x speeds.

DVD-RAM technology offers DVD software developers, DVD publishers, post-production and creative content providers with compelling reasons for adding a DVD-RAM drive to their DVD authoring tools. The discs provide a removable storage capacity of up to 5.2GB (double-sided) and more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles for about .008(cent) per MB. Applications that can benefit from combining Daikin’s Scenarist NT with a Panasonic DVD-RAM drive range from entertainment, training, and educational videos to corporate product demonstrations.

Easy enough for a novice, yet powerful enough for the most experienced professional, Daikin’s Scenarist NT 2.0 provides a complete solution for managing video, audio, stills and other assets; laying out data; and defining navigation paths. User interface features such as copy and paste, accelerator keys and multiple levels of zoom are included to reduce production time. Other features, such as project templates that allow simple drag-and-drop authoring of titles plus faster processing of subtitles and disc images speed the authoring process. With the availability of project wizards that take users step-by-step through the creation of a DVD title, even a novice can produce a high-quality video that supports the full set of DVD specifications in a matter of minutes.

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