5.1 Entertainment Group launches Silverline and immergent labels

Music producer 5.1 Entertainment Group announced the formation of their Silverline and immergent record labels. Both will operate under the 5.1 Entertainment Group banner. Catering to the thriving DVD-based “6-channel surround sound” music marketplace, Silverline Records will debut over 15 high end classical and jazz DVD Music titles on March 28, 2000, with immergent Records’ initial pop reissue releases due Spring/Summer 2000. Discs will carry a suggested retail list price of $19.98.

The DVD Music discs, which play on any and all DVD players (including today’s DVD players and the soon to be released DVD Audio Format), offer more than twice the sound quality of traditional CDs, as well as compelling visuals. Every Silverline and immergent disc will contain AC3 and DTS formats and, in June 2000, DVD Audio will also be incorporated on all releases.

Formed in 1999, 5.1 Entertainment Group is the parent company encompassing three distinct entities: Digital Production Services which includes sound recording, audio mixing (stereo and 5.1), graphic design, visual production, digital audio encoding, digital audio archiving as well as owning and operating two fully digital state-of-the-art studios; the record labels, Silverline and immergent and 5.1’s distribution arm. Based in West Los Angeles, the 5.1 Entertainment Group studios also boast the world’s first 96 khz/24 bit production facility. Silverline and immergent will have in excess of 80 titles spanning rock, country, pop, alternative, jazz, new age and classical in the marketplace by 2001.

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