Sonic Solutions’ sales of DVDit! tops the 10,000 unit mark

Sonic Solutions announced today that sales of DVDit!, the company’s DVD authoring application for Windows PC
systems, have topped the 10,000 unit mark.

Coming only a few months after its launch, the sale of the 10,000th copy of DVDit! further reinforces Sonic’s role as the world’s leading provider of DVD authoring tools, with what is believed to be an over 75 percent market share.

Sonic DVDit! gives video professionals and enthusiasts the power to create stunning interactive DVD content from virtually any video and audio file on their PC. With the ability to simply drag-and-drop video and audio content into the DVDit! application, design interactive menus and burn the final content to DVD-RAM, DVD-R or CD-R/RW, Sonic DVDit! is being used by video producers worldwide to publish
high-quality DVD versions of client presentations, merchandising and promotional materials, advertising comps, interactive training materials, multimedia presentations and even special events and weddings.

Matrox DigiSuite DTV user Thomas Giebank, founder of NoNothing Arts, a video and digital media production company based in Austin, Texas, has been using DVDit! for a wide range of digital media projects. “Sonic DVDit! makes publishing on DVD a very intuitive process and the simplified interface packs tremendous power,“” said Giebank. “With DigiSuite DTV and DVDit! we have been able to
rapidly turn our videos into DVD, or short-duration “DVD on CD-R” productions. The improvement in video and audio quality over VHS cassettes is eye and ear boggling! DVDit! has enabled us to catch the wave and we’re riding to substantial business success. Sonic DVDit! is a flat-out great product.“”

Available as both a stand-alone product for $499 or bundled with third-party hardware and software, Sonic DVDit! has been shipping since August, 1999. DVDit! is also a featured addition to digital video systems from Avid, Matrox, Media 100, NEC and Sigma Designs.

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