Sonic Solutions receives major boost from Turner Broadcast

Sonic Solutions announced today that Turner Broadcasting Sales Inc. has selected Sonic’s new eDVD technology to create DVD titles that bring together DVD and the World Wide Web. The advanced Internet connectivity that Sonic’s DVD Creator production system provides with eDVD will make it possible for TBSI to seamlessly combine high-bandwidth DVD-Video content with up-to-the-minute web-based HTML content.

“Sonic eDVD will allow us to easily present to our clients a true representation of what the convergence of traditional television and interactive media such as the Web and Digital TV will look like,” said Chris Pizzurro, Vice-president of Multimedia Marketing for Corporate Marketing and Research at TBSI. “With Sonic’s DVD Creator and unique eDVD technology we can create interactive rich-media presentations that are used to communicate and sell new forms of programming that combine graphics, text, video, audio and web links to play back not only on set-top or PC-based DVD players, but also through a web browser. This will allow our customers to determine how they can best take advantage of these new communication vehicles to advance their business.”’

Sonic eDVD gives DVD content producers the power to combine URL-based web links to DVD menu buttons with motion video during the DVD-Video authoring process. Multiple browser events can be triggered with a mouseover on the DVD menu, or by jumping to a new URL in any target window during playback on the PC. Adding an eDVD event is as simple as adding a chapter point or menu attribute
inside Sonic DVD Creator. When the DVD-Video title is finalized, eDVD automatically generates Microsoft Internet Explorer-compliant JavaScript and HTML pages, giving DVD content authors instant web access.

Immediately after the announcement late yesterday afternoon, Sonic Solution’s stock soared to an all time high.

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