NetFlix launches “All You Can Watch” DVD rental program

NetFlix today announced the launch of its Unlimited Movie Rental service for an affordable monthly fee of $19.95. The new service enables subscribers to rent any number of DVD movies per month without incurring per-movie rental charges, shipping charges, or late fees. Customers can keep movies as long as they want. To introduce the service, NetFlix is inviting consumers to test the program for a free one-month trial period.

”Imagine watching whatever DVD movies you want, keeping them for as long as you want, and watching as many as you want, all for a flat fee of $19.95 per month,“ said NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings. ”We have a vast library of nearly 1,000,000 DVD movies that members get unlimited access to — from the hottest hits to foreign art films. With so many great films available on DVD, this program enables us to
provide our customers with an extraordinary movie rental experience.’

In addition to the unlimited movie rental program, NetFlix provides highly personalized movie recommendations based on comparing an Individual’s movie likes and dislikes with those of other like-minded NetFlix visitors. NetFlix’s Cinematch is particularly powerful because it personally guides visitors through the site’s vast number of movie choices making recommendations specific to each individual’s movie taste.

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