Media 10 first to combine editing, effects and real-time MPEG-2 encoding

Media 100 Inc. today announced that its iFinish streaming media production system with RealTimeMPEG Option is the first solution of its kind that enables customers to create high quality MPEG-2 files in real time for DVD authoring or streaming media production environments. After comprehensive evaluation from industry leaders like Spruce Technologies, ASTARTE GmbH, Daikin U.S. and Sonic Solutions, the iFinish RealTimeMPEG Option is now fully endorsed as the industry standard for creating MPEG-2 files with unprecedented clarity and quality – a key requirement for authoring high resolution DVD video and audio content.

Targeted at Web site developers and content creators seeking to distribute streaming media content over the Internet and on DVD, iFinish – the world’s first streaming media production tool – is quickly becoming an industry standard among leading DVD authoring applications. Armed with the iFinish RealTimeMPEG Option, Media 100 customers are now able to produce the industry’s highest quality MPEG-2 file data in real time. With its price point listed at $2,995, any iFinish customer can create high caliber MPEG-2 files, rivaling the quality of the most advanced, professional DVD authoring studios.

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