Massive and detailed title update from Synapse Films

It looks as if 2000 is going to be a huge year for independent DVD distributor Synapse Films. Synapse’s president Don May, Jr. is very proud of his company and he has given us an update on many of his recent success and upcoming releases.

Deadbeat at Dawn — Don reports that this title is selling well and he is considering doing a second pressing.

Beast From Haunted Cave — The transfer for this 1959 film is finished and it’s 16×9 enhanced. It was formatted in a matte ratio and the decision was made to do an anamorphic transfer for the fans. Also, Don reports that he has been in touch with director Monte Hellman, who is interested in doing an audio commentary for the DVD, but has yet to commit to the project.

Evil Dead Trap — Don reports that the transfer for this Chinese horrorfest is almost done and it is miles ahead of any previous transfers. The audio commentary has been recorded by director Toshiharu Ikeda, and Don says that this is shaping up to be one exciting DVD. This is great news considering that an official domestic release has been a long time coming for this over-the-top 1988 gore film.

Fatal Frames — This DVD is almost ready to go to press. Don is waiting for authorization to include five music videos from the films director, Al Festa. The DVD will include about 10 minutes of deleted scenes, and will contain the entire “snuff” footage from the film’s opening. The DVD will include an audio commentary, which Don jokingly refers to as “Distort-O”, as the commentary was purposely recorded as if the speakers were in a cave. This only adds to the bizarre feel of this film.

She Killed in Ecstasy — The transfer for this Jess Franco film has been completed, using the masters from Redemption. The scratches and other defects from the film have been removed digitally and the transfer looks great. Also, new, improved subtitles will be added.

Organ — There was a delay due to audio issues on this DVD, but the project should be completed by the first week of March, and then will sent to the pressing facility. This Japanese film, directed by and starring Kei Fujiwara (of “Tetsuo”) will be available in about six weeks.

The Brain that Wouldn’t Die — Don will be bringing us a new, digital transfer of this 1962 “classic”. The DVD will also include a few rarely seen “nudie” promotional shots, which has the closet-creature attacking a topless woman. Also, Don is attempting to have a film historian provide an essay for the DVD’s booklet. Don guarantees that this one will not disappoint fans.

The Deli — This isn’t a genre offering, but an independent film set in an NYC deli. The cast features many familiar faces including Iman, David Johansen, Debi Mazar and Ice-T. Don reports that this DVD is only in the pre-production stages right now, but director John Andrew Gallagher is interested in doing a commentary and providing a blooper reel.

Don also gave us some hints about other upcoming announcements and we will keep you posted on these as we receive the information. It’s obvious that Don May, Jr. is dedicated to bringing obscure and neglected films to DVD and that he has a busy year ahead of him.

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