iTV Digital sings up with two heavyweights for corporate DVD projects

iTV Digital is one of the few cutting-edge video producers of business-to-business and business-to-consumer programming utilizing the DVD format in this exploding field of technology. iTV Digital, launched last August as part of Boca Raton’s iTV (Information Television Network) expansion, has signed contracts with two new heavy-weight clients: Sun MicroSystems and The Federal Highway Administration.

Because DVD’s can store up to 25 times more information than a standard compact disc, a multitude of applications can be used simultaneously on one, interactive disc. The sale of DVD players has outpaced those of VCRs, CD players and home satellite systems in its initial year of sales by more than ten to one, making it the fastest selling technology in consumer history! The latest technology is also the ideal medium for corporate websites because a hybrid DVD-ROM can access the Internet keeping all the information up to date while supplying full-frame, full-motion video in a web-friendly interface. In short, it makes an excellent sales tool.

iTV Digital uses its award-winning production and design skills to bring together all of the advanced elements of high-quality music, video and animation in the DVD format to pre-master professional presentations for corporate sales, marketing or for educational tools. iTV Digital’s innovative designers are creating engaging DVD graphical interfaces with creative motion menus, including navigational
buttons that can access alternative language tracks, multiple camera angles and selectable sub-titles. iTV Digital is a full-service video production facility with in-house studios and a myriad of digital project suites. It can offer complete project management services by combining the best technology for both entertainment and business media.

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