Here’s a scoop on Warner Home Video‘s May titles, including some long awaited releases

Some information about a number of upcoming titles from Warner Home Video just came in. It has been a long time – almost two years or so to be exact – since Warner Home Video first released The Little Shop Of Horrors. The title was quickly pulled from retailers’ shelves when a legal dispute over some of the supplemental material on the disc ensued at the time. After pulling the release, Warner had promised that a re-release of this whimsical film by Frank Oz would be coming out in due time. Well, the time is here. “Little Shop Of Horrors” is back on the release schedules for May 23. The disc will contain the exact some content as the previous release, except the alternate ending.

But there are more re-releases on the horizon. Since Warner has taken over big junks of the library MGM Home Entertainment was previously controlling, we have seen a number of re-releases of titles through Warner that were previously released by MGM. The next title to come back to DVD in this set-up is How The West Was Won. Sadly, the MGM version was in pretty bad shape and there is no indication that Warner did any restoration works on the film for this DVD release, so that the re-release will most likely look just as bad.

Another re-release is Caddyshack on April 4. This time, the Golf comedy shapes up as a 20th Anniversary Special Edition with a number of extras and a brand-new 16×9 enhanced transfer.

But Warner is also working on some new DVD releases. Also in May we will get the chance to see Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in Pat And Mike, and then Charlton Heston will be the last man on Earth in the 1971 science fiction film The Omega Man. It s movie about a world in which an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons has almost eradicated mankind. No details are available at this point, but we will keep you informed.

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