First Run Features announces two new titles for release in April

First Run Features just unveiled details about two new releases slated for April 11. Parting Glances is a pioneering movie of American gay cinema and stars Steve Buscemi as Nick, an East Village rock singer who has AIDS.

Michael and Robert have been lovers for years when they must face a long separation as Robert is transferred out of the country. Robert looks forward to the transfer, feeling the relationship has gotten too “predictable” while Michael has to deal with being left behind. Michael however, finds himself much more concerned with visiting and caring for his ex-lover Nick as he copes with his illness.

“Parting Glances” contains the original production notes and a cast photo gallery and will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95

The second release on the list is a double-feature of Alice and Darkness Light Darkness. “Alice” is the strikingly original interpretation of “Alice In Wonderland” by Jan Svankmajer. It is a surreal animation that remains true to the absurdity of Carroll’s story but brings a brilliantly inventive original vision to the story’s imagery. Combining animation and live action it brings a new dimension to the childhood fantasy of Wonderland where Alice searches for the White Rabbit.

The release will also contain the celebrated short film “Darkness Light Darkness” in which a man literally constructs himself out of clay, in a room that becomes progressively smaller. This DVD will also carry a retail price of $29.95 when it will be available on April 11.

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