Dolby Laboratories make the whole world listen once again

Dolby Laboratories announces the long awaited distribution of its new DVD, “We’ve Got the Whole World Listening.“” Following on the heels of the incredibly successful “DVD Demo and Test Disc, “” Dolby Laboratories has created a brand new disc specifically designed for the consumer. The new disc contains six of Dolby’s theatrical trailers and the Dolby Digital “Game“” trailer included in PC titles utilizing that technology.

In addition, the new disc offers new multichannel music selections and improved versions of previous released content. The result is a disc that offers the consumer much more of what they wanted at less than half the price of the original (“We’ve Got the Whole World Listening,“” retails for $15). The previous disc contained demo material as well as test sequences used to evaluate consumer decoders equipped with Dolby Digital technology. The disc eventually became so popular that Dolby sold it through The Dolby Store.

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