Cygnet and Hitachi create first DVD-RAM based jukebox

Cygnet Storage Solutions, Inc., a privately held company, announces that it has increased its shipping volume of DVD-RAM drives that are manufactured by Hitachi America, Ltd. Since the introduction of Cygnet’s InfiniDISC DVD/CD Jukebox, DVD-RAM technology has been a key component to providing a low cost and high-capacity optical disc-based storage solution. Cygnet was the first jukebox manufacturer to introduce and ship a DVD-RAM based jukebox.

Since September of 1998, the use of Hitachi’s GF-1050 DVD-RAM drives has offered a reliable way to retrieve information from CD and DVD titles housed within a single unit as well as provide storage for timely and critical data to backup a server’s hard drive. Cygnet’s InfiniDISC can integrate up to six Hitachi DVD-RAM drives to access single-sided DVD-RAM media with capacities of 2.6GB each. It can read all currently available 120-cm optical disc formats, including single and multi-layer DVD-ROM, DVD-R and DVD-Video as well as prerecorded and writable CDs including CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, CD Audio and Video CD.

DVD-RAM recorded data can be transferred at a drive transfer rate of 1.38 MB/s with a data access time of 210 ms. InfiniDISC pricing starts at $15,350.00US for a 250-disc and 2 DVD-RAM drive configuration and is sold by authorized Cygnet resellers. The InfiniDISC jukebox can be integrated with up to six drives including a choice of CD or DVD drives. Cygnet offers Jukebox-ready DVD-RAM media that has been fully tested to be compatible with Hitachi’s DVD-RAM drives.

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