Anchor Bay needs your help with the HK action series, Mad Mission

In their continuous attempts to listen to their customers, Anchor Bay Entertainment is once again polling DVD users for their opinion. After allowing DVD users to vote for certain titles from Anchor Bay’s catalog for release on DVD, the studio is now asking people’s help to create the best possible release of the Hong Kong action series Mad Mission.

Anchor Bay has an option to release four titles in the series that is also known as the “Aces Go Places” and would like to gouge the level of interest for these films. The four films in question are Mad Mission I (a.k.a. Aces Go Places) – directed by Eric Tsang, Mad Mission II (a.k.a. Aces Go Places II) – directed by Eric Tsang, Mad Mission III: Our Man From Bond Street (a.k.a. Aces Go Places III) – directed by Tsui Hark and Mad Mission IV: You Never Die Twice (a.k.a. Aces Go Places IV) – directed by Ringo Lam.

Before scheduling DVD releases of these films, Anchor Bay would like to know how high the level of interest in these movies is, so make sure to send an email to to let them know about it, and also tell them which extra features you would like to see on these releases.

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