20th Century Fox commits to anamorphic DVD across the board

It has taken some time, but we have just been able to learn that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is beginning to take a new approach to DVD. Seeing the impressive success of the format, and of course, their own titles, the studio has decided to give their future DVD releases full 16×9 support.

The discussions whether 16×9 enhanced DVDs are something desired by DVD fans or not are flaring up with nice regularity, the major benefit of these discs is that they come from new high definition transfers. Since telecine technology has evolved quite a bit over the past years, newer transfers usually have a much better definition and maintain more detail and quality from the original film print. As such a DVD stemming from a brand-new transfer, usually yields a better-looking picture.

Now we got word from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment that the studio will re-transfer all movies that will have a DVD release. Although some selected titles will still have to be standard letterboxed versions, due to technical or artistic difficulties, the vast majority of Fox titles coming to market from this day forward will be 16×9 enhanced!

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