Zoran Vaddis IV Decoder IC shipping in new Toshiba DVD Players

Zoran Corporation today announced that Toshiba Corporation is using Zoran’s Vaddis IV DVD decoder chip to power its full line of new generation DVD players, SD-K330TA, SD-2109TA, SD-3109TE, and SD-K520. These exciting additions to Toshiba’s DVD product line boast an expanded set of features including enhanced audio and video quality, enabled by the Vaddis IV. According to market research firm Dataquest, worldwide production of DVD players is expected to reach over 6.4 million units in 1999, and over 10.3 million units in 2000.

“The Vaddis IV decoder IC provides all of the necessary features for our DVD player design,” said Adachi, Vice President of Advanced Imaging & Video Products Division for Toshiba. “Due to the integrated video encoder, high flexibility, and rich feature set of the Vaddis, we are able to deliver advanced features such as MPEG5.1, High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD(TM)), and other audio
processing capabilities at a competitive price. The work we have accomplished with Zoran’s Vaddis support team was instrumental to the success of our new-generation players.”

Zoran Corporation’s President and CEO, Dr. Levy Gerzberg, said, “We are very proud that Toshiba is utilizing our Vaddis IV in its new line of DVD players. With these new models Toshiba underscores its position as a leading member of the industry-wide alliance credited with creating and promoting the DVD standard. The features and quality of Toshiba new-generation DVD players are of the highest caliber,
and we are honored to be associated with such products.”’

Based on Zoran’s experience in compression technology, the Vaddis IV is the industry’s most advanced Integrated DVD Decoder. This single-chip solution incorporates software programmable video and audio processors, allowing this chip to support a vast array of features, such as video zooming and a variety of trick play functions. In addition, it has the ability to take advantage of Zoran’s extensive
SiliconSoftware(TM) library, giving it access to a wide variety of innovative audio algorithms. This enables the development of DVD players that incorporate 3D virtual surround, 3D headphones, Karaoke and leading audio algorithms such as Dolby Digital(TM), HDCD(TM), and MPEG5.1 playback. In addition, the Vaddis IV incorporates an NTSC/PAL video encoder and 10-bit video Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), eliminating the need for an external chip. Vaddis decoders are currently shipping in Toshiba DVD players worldwide.

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