Wireless home theater becomes reality without hassle with X10.com

X10.com’s DVD Anywhere 2000 wireless broadcast system allows anyone to connect their PC’s with TV’s without rewiring or remodeling and is now available for well under $100.The “DVD Anywhere 2000” makes it possible for aficionados of DVD to truly enjoy their movie experience in front of the best television in the home, instead of a typical size computer monitor. The key to why this system is so unique is in its use of 2.4 gigahertz technology to wirelessly transmit audio and video up to 100 feet away.

The “Boom 2000” Software automatically configures to remotely control DVD’s from a handheld remote. The handheld remote also acts as a universal remote and can even send commands to X10 modules connected to lights and appliances. The remote communicates with the Boom 2000 software via a RF receiver that connects to a free serial port. The software can even control CD’s and MP3’s on a PC
using the same remote. Setup and installation of the DVD Anywhere 2000 is simple and takes only minutes. Plug the sending unit into the back of a PC using standard RCA plugs. (You may need an adapter for some DVD decoder cards) Plug the Receiving unit into the back of a TV or VCR. Install the Boom 2000 software, grab the remote and the snacks and head for the premier viewing spot for enjoying a movie in all of the comforts of home.

“X10.com’s DVD Anywhere 2000 is specifically designed for technology enthusiasts who are constantly benefiting from the rewards associated with owning cutting edge wireless products designed to make home entertainment better than a movie theatre,“” said Alex Peder, president, X10.com. “Think about it. Now you can create a complete wireless entertainment system linking PC’s with TV’s and other electronics without help from expensive experts and for well under $100. This is the best time to join the wireless revolution and start creating a home of the future.“”

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