The Stormriders will become available in the DVD mainstream

It has been exactly one year since we first reviewed the Hong Kong extravaganza The Stormriders, a stunning Asian fantasy movie that nicely combines traditional martial arts with computer generated effects in a mesemrizing period movie. For the longest time it has been very hard to find imported copies of the movie in the US and we have directed many of our readers to some of the best Hong Kong importers to get their copies. Now we have received word that Tai Seng Marketing has picked up the distribution rights for the movie here in the US and will start to domestically distribute “The Stormriders” in the domestic market in March. That way you will be able to find this outstanding disc at more common retail outlets, and certainly most online retailers.

If you have not heard about “The Stormriders” before, please stop by and take a look at our review of the DVD, and see for yourself.

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