The Pokémon movie hits DVD in March

On March 21, Warner Home Video is bringing the highly successful Pokémon: The First Movie to DVD, day and date with its VHS coutnerpart. The release will be accompanied by a massive marketing blitz that includes a tie-in with Nintendo among many others.

The Pokémon DVD will contain a commentary track by the movie’s director Michael Haigney, a music video by M2M and two separate featurettes, called “The Story Of Mewtwo’s Origin” and “A Sneak Preview of Pokémon: The Second Movie”.

Exclusively on these pages we are able to already unveil the cover artwork for this highly anticipated title that will undoubtedly have the younger members of your family cajoling, just in time for the Easter holidays. Please click on the image to the left for an enlargement of the DVD’s cover artwork.

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