The mouse finally gives in to anamorphic DVD for Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay Entertainment has renewed its licensing agreements with Disney, which gives the company access to Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond among others, as we reported earlier. For the longest time, Disney had serious inhibitions about 16×9 support on DVD versions of their assets, and this was even relayed directly down to all their licensees. It is for that reason that Anchor Bay’s DVD versions of films like “The Black Hole” or “The Watcher In The Woods” did not get the full anamorphic treatment while other films did.

Well, the ice is breaking these days in the Diseny camp and part of the renewed licensing agreement between Anchor Bay and Disney is that Disney will supply the publisher with high definition transfers that can be used for 16×9 enhanced DVD releases. At this point we do not know however, which title will be the first one to appear in full anamorphic glory, but we will certainly keep you posted as we learn more.

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