Synapse Films schedules The Beast From Haunted Cave for June

Synapse Films has just informed us about another title they currently have in production for release on DVD on June 6. From the executive producer of “Reservoir Dogs” and the director of “Two Lane Blacktop” comes the 1959 black and white cult film, The Beast From Haunted Cave.

A group of thieves arrive in the snowbound town of Deadwood, South Dakota and they have no intention of vacationing. They’re planning a giant gold heist. Exploding a bomb in a nearby mine to create a diversion, they successfully rob the local bank, and unknowingly unleash a creature from the bowels of Hell. The group hires a ski instructor to take them to an isolated cabin and they fight for their lives as the foul creature hunts them down, sucking all the blood from it’s victims!

After “The Beast from Haunted Cave” was released theatrically, the director went back with the original actors to film additional scenes for the television market a few years later. This Synapse Films DVD release will be this longer version with the additional footage restored into the original uncut theatrical version, presented in a new widescreen transfer. The disc is also expected to feature a commentary track by director Monte Hellman and the film’s theatrical trailer.

“The Beast From Haunted Cave” will come to DVD on June 6 and carry a suggested retail price of $24.98.

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