Sonic Solutions signs up Softbank to handle product distribution in Japan

Sonic Solutions announced today that Softbank Commerce Corp. will act as the main channel distributor for the Sonic DVDit! line of consumer DVD authoring products in Japan. Softbank Commerce Corp. is Japan’s largest distributor of software products with more than $1.7 billion annual sales and will utilize its distribution network of more than 600 retailers to deliver Sonic DVDit! to customers who have shown a desire to begin authoring DVDs. DVDit! will be sold through Softbank Commerce Corp. at a unit retail price of 49,800 yen or $499 US.

“The market for desktop DVD authoring is exploding!“” says Fuyuhiko Yamakami, General Manager of Softbank Commerce Corp.“s Product Operation Division. “Interest for affordable DVD authoring has increased dramatically in the last few months, and Sonic DVDit! is unique in its fit for this market. We believe that Sonic’s experience as the industry leader in DVD coupled with the unparalleled ease of use of DVDit! make it the clear choice for anyone publishing video.”’

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