Showtime Entertainment enters the DVD market with Red Shoe Diaries

Starring David Duchovny, new DVD publisher Showtime Entertainment, will release The Red Shoe Diaries on DVD, day and date with the VHS release, on March 14. This sizzling hit series from the Showtime television program will no doubt become a quick fan favorites when the studio releases The Game and Girl On A Bike on DVD.

A woman’s diary. Where she is most vulnerable. Where she is unafraid to reveal her most lurid secrets, her innermost desires, her deepest needs. Now coming to DVD, consumers can see sexy David Duchovny as Jake, a traveler who brings his colorful and erotic imagination to life reading the personal diaries of six women in episodes of Showtime’s critically acclaimed, hit series Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries in two separate DVD releases.

“The Game” – What do you do when the passion fades? Lilly strays from a loving, but staid relationship and enters a daring game of romance with a stranger. There are no rules, only questions to be asked and answered. Afraid of being caught, wanting to be caught, she enters another dance and crosses another barrier. One foot in heaven, one foot in hell, Lilly plays the game until it spirals dangerously out of control. Also featuring the episodes The Cake and Like Father, Like Son. DVD features an actual recreation of the game for romantic fun at home.

“Girl on a Bike” – Sometimes you’re who you are and sometimes you’re who you pretend to be. And sometimes you don’t know the difference. An American-in-Paris’ chance encounter with a French girl on a bike leads him in unfettered pursuit of true romance only to find himself ensnared in an erotic web of betrayal. But sometimes one closed door, one shattered fantasy leads to another. Also featuring the episodes Written Word and Borders of Salt.

At a suggested retail price of $24.98, the DVD will contain special features, co-produced by Zuma Digital, that include links to extended scenes, including alternative takes and unedited footage; audio commentary by director Zalman King; filmographies; pages from the original script that link to the final scene; a photo gallery with intimate shots of all the stars; original written diaries; a trivia game to challenge fans; Spanish-language tracks; and web links. Also meet the challenge… Look for one or more hidden Easter Eggs on each disc!

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