Panasonic DVD Player wins Innovations 2000 Award at CES

-Genesis Microchip today reported the company is proud of Panasonic winning an Innovations Award at CES for the Panasonic DVD player that uses a Genesis chip as its key video/film-processing component. Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. has been honored with an Innovations 2000 Design and Engineering Showcase for their progressive-scan DVD-H1000 DVD player. The player’s progressive-scan video output is provided by the Genesis gmVLX1A chip.

In addition to its primary line-doubling/tripling/quadrupling functionality, the gmVLX1A chip offers many advanced features such as superb real-time shrink and expansion up to XGA (1024 pixels by 768 lines), image sharpening and antialiasing filters, gamma correction, on-chip color space conversion, plus an innovative “advanced film mode“” used to de-interlace video dubbed from a film source. Applications benefiting from this single-chip technology include DVD players, home theater gear, digital TV, PC-TV, projection systems, plasma displays, and scan doubling/quadrupling equipment.

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