New DVD player design allows uninterrupted playback of 2-sided discs

Discovision Associates has developed a new DVD changer design that could potentially replace currently existing technology. Users will enjoy faster more convenient disc selection and playback through this innovation. Kenny Masaki, Discovision Associates“ Executive Vice President noted, “Our new patent-protected design takes disc changer technology to a new level — for the first time, users of desktop-sized models can play a 2-sided disc without having to turn it over manually. We’re proud to offer this innovation to the electronics industry as a technology available for license to a limited number of companies.”’

The 2-Side Access DVD Changer improves on existing changer loading mechanisms and disc carousel design. In currently available players, a rotating carousel delivers the DVD to the reader for playback. The loading mechanism remains stationary. Discovision’s 2-Side Access Changer reverses this design, using a 360-degree rotating loading mechanism to retrieve discs from a stationary disc carousel and flip the DVD over when necessary.

Quite frankly, I find it surprising that manufacturers focus on fully mechanical ways to allow playback of double-sided discs, rather than creating a DVD drive that features two lasers that can alternatively read the disc’s two sides. It would rid the drive of all additional loading times and would reduce the number of mechanical parts, while also keeping physical space requirements rather low. Well, maybe we’ll see something like this at a later stage.

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