Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones (1993)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Richard Gere, Lena Olin, Anne Bancroft
Extras: Talent files

Mr. Jones is an energetic and passionate film in which Richard Gere plays a man on the verge of self-destruction. Columbia TriStar Home Video is presenting the movie on this DVD in its original 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ratio, as well as a pan and scan presentation. Although not noted as such on the packaging, the transfer on this release is enhanced for 16×9 television sets. It is highly detail and devoid of any compression artifacts. Some slight edge enhancement is evident which is used to make the image appear sharper. All in all, this is a great-looking and stable transfer without noise, grain or pixelation. Colors are natural and powerful with faithfully rendered fleshtones and deep shadows that always maintain every bit of detail.

The disc contains an English Dolby Surround audio track, plus Spanish and Portuguese tracks in monaural Dolby Digital. The soundtrack is well integrated and natural sounding, creating a good, although tastefully restrained surround field. The mix is clearly focused on the dialogues, leaving plenty of sonic space for them to breathe without being drowned out by noises and sound effects. This way the movie’s character oriented dramatization is fully played off without distraction from the soundtrack.

What makes “Mr. Jones” such a stand-out film is Richard Gere’s intense, yet intensely human portrayal of the impulsive titular hero. Lena Olin on his side as the manic depressive’s therapist creates an on-screen bond between the two that is mesmerizing to the end. We watch the two fall in love, fully aware of the problems and challenges they face and desperately trying to fight the consequences for a better life. Don’t miss this disc. It is indeed one of Gere’s best performances!