MGM has scheduled Stigmata for a February release

On February 29, MGM Home Entertainment will release their horror thriller Stigmata day and date on VHS and DVD. The movie, starring Patricia Arquette, Jonathan Pryce and Gabriel Byrne is the story of a young woman who becomes the focus of brutal assaults by an unseen attacker, the spiritual implications drive a Vatican official to send a priest to investigate. Upon witnessing her affliction firsthand, the priest becomes more concerned with saving her life than debunking her claims.

The DVD will contain a widescreen presentation of the film, as well as a commentary track by director Rupert Wainwright. Other extras on this release will include deleted scenes, a never-before-seen alternate ending, the Natalie Imbruglia music video and the film’s theatrical trailers. The disc will carry a suggested retail price of $24.98 when it ships in February, so keep your eyes open for this one!

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