Media 100’s iFinish streaming media solution accelerates momentum in DVD authoring

Media 100 Inc., the pioneer of streaming media production tools, today announced that its iFinish streaming media production system has gained tremendous momentum with customers since it began shipping in December, with significant success in the DVD authoring market. Targeted at web site developers and content creators seeking to distribute streaming media content over the Internet and on DVD, iFinish – the world’s first streaming media production tool – is already capturing attention from leading DVD authoring players. With this announcement, Media 100 has confirmed that DVD authoring leader, Daikin US Comtec Laboratories, has completed successful evaluation of the iFinish RealTimeMPEG Option and has endorsed the product as the tool-of-choice for high-quality audio and video content creation and DVD authoring.

As part of the evaluation process, Daikin US – a leading DVD authoring solutions provider – conducted stringent testing of the iFinish RealTimeMPEG Option with Daikin Scenarist(TM). Results indicated the solution was highly effective in outputting industry standard MPEG-2 files – making it one of the market’s most compatible solutions for DVD authoring systems.

Continuing to expand support for its RealtimeMPEG Option, Media 100 has worked closely with Daikin US to test and validate RealtimeMPEG output files with the windows NT-based Scenarist application. With this latest announcement, Media 100 expands on its tradition of supporting best-in-class third party applications and is enabling a new breed of content developers to produce and deliver high quality audio and video based optical media.

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