Get ready for the Discwasher DVD Audio and Video System Enhancer, model 1507

Unapix Entertainment, Inc. announced today an alliance with the Discwasher® brand of Recoton Corporation, a electronics accessories manufacturer, to develop the first in a series of new consumer products for the retail marketplace. The first product to be created under this new alliance is the Discwasher DVD Audio and Video System Enhancer, model 1507, which incorporates a customized version of Unapix’s Ultimate DVD along with Discwasher’s proven DVD laser lens cleaner disc. The DVD Audio and Video System Enhancer will be marketed under the “Discwasher Digital” brand name and will be distributed to leading retailers in
the USA, such as Best Buy and Circuit City, and Future Shop in Canada.

The Ultimate DVD version that Unapix created for Discwasher includes Home Theater Calibration Tools along with demonstration material that is useful in setting up, evaluating and maximizing the performance of DVD Players, Televisions and Home Theater Surround Sound Systems. Additional products in development include another DVD consumer product and an audio product to be marketed under Recoton’s AR®/Acoustic Research® brand name.

This Discwasher product is a customized version of Unapix’s Ultimate DVD Collection, which showcases the sights and sounds of such artists as Alan Parsons, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Tangerine Dream, Thomas Dolby, Jan Hammer, Paul Speer and Scott Rockenfield, as well as films originally presented in IMAX theaters. The Ultimate DVD Collection also includes numerous innovative features, such as enabling users to listen to documentary films in eight languages, access to seven angles on the fly, surround sound options including Dolby and DTS, Parental Lockout Features, and the ability to view images in standard, anamorphic or letterbox formats. All segments can be accessed using full-motion video icons, animated menus and graphics. This latest version of the Ultimate DVD Collection was created based on the success of one of the all-time best-selling DVDs, the Ultimate DVD Demo, which to date has sold over 800,000 copies and was produced and distributed by Unapix Entertainment prior to this new release.

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